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Hello, my name is Allison Brandon and I am the School Counselor for Larkspur Elementary School in Douglas County School District. I graduated with my Masters of Arts Degree from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, where I studied School Counseling. My passion to be a school counselor initially came from my brothers and how their school experience was impacted by their struggles with friends, family, and community occurrences. Students in elementary school often struggle with social skills, friendship skills, problem solving, etc., and it almost always affects academic success. My job is to help each student become successful in school, at home, with peers, and out in the community. 

When I am not in school, I enjoy outdoor adventures with my husband, Josh, and our two dogs, Maya and Butters. We love to hike together, go camping, and explore the city. We also enjoy getting together with our families and playing games, grabbing a bite to eat, or visiting the mules at the Al Kaly Mule Train. 



As a school counselor, one of my responsibilities is to develop and facilitate guidance lessons that focus on school readiness, understanding feelings of self and others, problem solving, friendship, academic success, etc.

For the 2019-2020 school year, I will be utilizing lessons from Random Acts of Kindness. This curriculum features developmentally appropriate, standards-aligned lessons that teach students important Social Emotional (SEL) skills.

Below, you can access each lesson that is associated with the corresponding grade. By clicking on the grade, you will be taken to the Random Acts of Kindness homepage and will be able to view/download each lesson that your child will be receiving. 

Unit Topics:

  1. Caring For Others

  2. Creating a Kind Classroom

  3. Feelings and Behavior

  4. Following the Rules

Unit Topics:

  1. Feelings and Actions

  2. Good Manners

  3. Learning to Listen

  4. Learning to Solve Problems

Unit Topics:

  1. How Can I Be Kind?

  2. How Can We Be Kind?

  3. It Takes One

  4. Keep Trying

Unit Topics:

  1. Communicating With Empathy

  2. Complimenting Others

  3. Feelings and Emotions

  4. How I Treat Myself and Others Matters

Unit Topics:

  1. Friendship

  2. Respecting Beliefs and Opinions

  3. Stress Busters

  4. What Would You Do?

Unit Topics:

  1. Healthy Communication

  2. Honesty and Integrity

  3. Taking Care of Ourselves

  4. What Influences Us?

Unit Topics:

  1. Becoming an Upstander

  2. Being Kind to Ourselves

  3. Resolving Conflicts Peacefully

  4. Responding With Kindness


Group Services

A variety of small groups are offered to students who may benefit from spending some extra time developing academic, social, or emotional skills along with their peers, and to students who are coping with similar life situations. Groups can have anywhere from 3-6 members and usually meet once a week for several weeks.

Lunch Bunch is a social group that meets during lunchtime. Students 

If you would like your child to participate in a group, please fill out a permission form below.

Individual Services

I meet individually with students in circumstances when a student's educational success is being impacted. I spend time working with individual students to improve their social skills, discuss feelings, and to empower problem solving methods. While a school counselor cannot provide on-going counseling, it may be appropriate for a student to receive short-term individual counseling. When more attention and intervention is required, school counselors can act as a referral agent for parents to access counseling services within the community.



1103 West Perry Park Ave
Larkspur, CO 80118

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